Process Journal 10/18/16 Resources used to better perform standards and description of new skills

Today I was able to practice all four of my standards on both khan academy and opened. To review my standards are, provide a sufficiently complex summary to address key plot points and thematic development,write a linear equation in two variables  in various forms, determine the equation of a line using given information, and evaluate and weigh complex ideas, textual details, and motifs in order to arrive at conclusions about the meaning and/or significance of literary texts.

I am finally beginning to understand the portion of writing out equations based on data given and then creating a graph using a equation. Once I was done practicing, I created a follow up graph using the factual numbers received from the source listen on the previous process journal. I was also able to find some interesting facts about my topic, Olly Murs using various sources.

Lastly, using my IB thinker skills, I was able to find a website that gave various links that would help create a real cool and relatable  final product. I have my eye on a few but at the moment I am focusing on the information I still need to collect while trying to connect what my final product will feature while still having it relate to my standards in a fun and creative way.


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