Process Journal: 10/20/16

Today I was able to create a word document and include all the of the information I have recovered over the last few class periods. This document contains the graphs I created, how I found my equation of the line, my Top 5 chart information of Olly Murs Top 5 songs and then his top 10 and lastly some fun facts about him relating to his personal life and career.
I was also able to send in my essential questions to both teachers. Next class I hope to take the aspire tests in order to get that over with so I can continue my research and find new concluding facts that help answer my essential question: Has Olly Murs 5 top hits skyrocketed over the years? I feel this question could contain concluding questions that I could answer based on the information I have gathered so far and the information I will be collecting soon enough.


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