Process Journal 10/24/16 RECAP

To start off class, I took the Star Reading test. That way I will have one less test to work on next class. It only took 30 minutes for 34 questions but I feel confident that my scores are improving. I usually do pretty well on my reading/writing tests. The only main problem I have always been struggling with is comprehension. Next class I plan on taking my Star Math test. I am hoping that it will be simple enough for me to get a decent grade. I don’t really fancy math in general but I do try my best with what I do understand.
After I finished the test I was able to find a few details on the two most popular and current songs Olly Murs has recorded. I hope to take that information and show how he is rising back to the top of the Top Hits list.
Lastly, using a website I found, I was able to look at some of the final product possibilities. I am hoping to get started on that by Friday. That way I can see any concluding information I might need in order to get the main point of my essential question answered.
Based on what I accomplished today, I feel that I accomplished my daily goal. The goal I set at the beginning of class was, “Today I hope to accomplish finishing my STAR reading test and start finding more information to help me answer my essential question: How have Olly Murs top 5 hits skyrocketed over the years.”


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