Process Journal 11/1/16

Today was successful. To start off, I was able to consult with Mr.Moriarty about whether or not my final product could be a word document with the further information on how to screenshot my glogster. Afterwards I was able to upload the screenshot of my glogster onto my word document and then write all of the necessary information still need. Which includes, my standards along with how I applied them, my name, my essential question, and my sources.

In the middle of class, I took my first session of vocabulary understanding. I can successfully say I understood what was going on and was able to get 9 vocab words out of 10 correct on the small quiz, which was great.

In conclusion, everything is ready and uploaded to my pathbrite and ready to be graded. I feel very positive about my work and how I was able to show my understanding of it all.


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