Final Journal for Project 2: The complete set up of my accomplishments

The process of Project 2 began on September 29, 2016. We were assigned to comply our standards and our interests into a list. My list of interest consisted of writing, photography, hanging out with friends, social media, and shopping.

My first idea of an essential question was revolved around a club I am in. Newspaper to be exact. So the question I was able to come up with was, “How has the Husky Howler viewer rate changed over the last four years of being active?” and “Is the Newspaper in favor of glamour or facts?” I decided on these two questions to be a first possibility because of the standards I chose to work on. My standards were, 1) provide a sufficiently complex summary to address key plot points and thematic development, 2) write a linear equation in two variables in various forms, 3) determine the equation of a line using given information, and lastly, 4) evaluate and weigh complex ideas, textual details, and motifs in order to arrive at conclusions about the meaning and/or significance of literary texts. The only flaw in this idea though was that I would need for Mrs. Moore (the newspaper supervisor) to have kept the records. So it was a long shot that sadly didn’t work out int he long run.

But before hand, waiting for her reply, I practiced my standards. Mainly my math ones. Through the time on Khan Academy, I was able to learn how to write both an equation and plot points using information given. I was so proud. I haven’t always liked math and really understood it. But for that few classes, I met my goal in understanding how to “write a linear equation in two variables in various forms” and “determine the equation of a line using given information.” While on Opened, I was able to practice m reading standards. I have always had problems pinpointing the main ideas of certain readings. Which I find to be ironic, since I am a writer and my stories always have background that helps pinpoint what the main issue or event occurring in the story.

As a backup plan, I decided to write an essential question on a recent music artist I have grown fond of. His name is Olly Murs. The essential question I came up with in regards to him was, Has Olly Murs 5 top hits sky rocketed over the years? Through the process of answering this question, I began to research the top 5 songs he was best known for, who featured alongside of him, and facts about the songs that may have influenced buyers. After searching countless sides, I finally found a site that was up to date and listed exactly what I had silently requested. Olly Murs’ top 5 songs are, Please don’t let me go (produced in 2010), Dance with me tonight (produced in 2011), Heart skips a beat featuring Rizzle Kicks (produced also in 2011), Troublemaker featuring Flo Rida (produced in 2012), and Dear Darlin’ (produced in 2013). Using the numbers of how many albums sold, and the recent skills I gained while on Khan Academy, I was able to create both an equation and two graphs based on what the equation said the numbers would be and what the actual and factual numbers recorded were. My equation ended up being y=335x + 90. After I was finished with the math standards oriented section of my project, I decided to research articles ad facts about Olly Murs that people might enjoy to hear and what is connected to his top hits.My product showcases my mastery of my chosen skills because I showed how I came to my conclusions, listed my sources, and on a separate page I listed my standards and how I was able to meet them.

I was able to complete everything a little ahead of schedule and with there being a sub in two of our classes, I was able to focus on working on my final product without being questioned. When I decided was I was going to pursue in result of the final product, I began to collect all of the facts into one place and stared creating it on my glogster. A glogster a basically an online poster one can make to share information in a fun and creative way. When I was finished, the only issue that was presented when I tried to upload the glogster poster to my pathbrite was that the image would be extremely small and when I zoomed in on the image, it was blurry. I asked Mr.Moriarty what I should do and he suggested that I take a screenshot on the computer and then upload it that way. So I did so with the addition of all the information presented on the glogster on a word document so both teachers could see how I came to my conclusions.

I feel over the course of the last few weeks have been very successful and productive. I was able to work and learn new skills while applying them to a topic I am actually interested in.


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