Review of productivity 11/7/16

To start off the class, each of us had to chose our new standards for product 3. I only have two remaining so my standards are: 1) understand that the graph of an equation in two variables in the set of all its solutions plotted in the coordinate plane, and 2) solve a problem using a linear function of best fit.

One topic I have considered is to make a table based on two persons phone usage and battery percentage. I figured it will suit well with my standards and be easy enough for me to calculate.

I was able to practice my scatter plot skills on khan academy on the links provided, using the majority of the activities listed:

Today I felt successful in understanding my standards. I was able to practice for 30 minutes using various sources held on khan academy but I will need to practice more to fully grasp the full concept of what is being stated. But so far I feel I am on a good start.

I will need some scrap paper or an open word document so I can write down notes that will help me with my future graphing.


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