Practicing and Planning

To start off the class, I had to take the star reading test. I feel positive that I answered the questions in a proficent level. Afterwards, for the rest of class, I practiced my standards on Khan Academy. The following links show what exactly I was participating in:

I was also able to look up some inspirational project ideas that relate to my standards. While doing so I came across the site:

Using this site, I took some notes on what I am suppose to be studying and when I refereed back to Khan academy, I was able to score higher with minimal difficulty. I still plan on practicing the standards during my free time.

In some of the spare time I had, I was able to make a table that will help me organize my scatter plot in the future. The essential question I developed was, “How many hours of sleep do the majority of students endure since attending RRHS?” I plan on asking students of all ages that attend RRHS and seeing how thee amount of sleep correlates with the amount of sleep to others. With the side note of why they get that certain amount of sleep.

Since we have to use two sheets of construction paper, I decided to give various scatter plots and equations for each grade level. I hope to ask around 20 to 40 students (varying in ages) in order to get accurate information for said scatter plots.


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