PJ of 11/17/16

To once again start off the class, we all started with practicing our standards. I mainly practiced on the true focus of my standards which is scatter plots.









Using these links, I was able to learn more about whether a scatter plot is positive, negative, not linear, or has no association. I was also able to learn how to achieve figuring out the equation using two points of a scatter plot, decide what the line of best fit was for a graph, and describe the trend being shown.

This time, practicing was easier than the previous times. The one thing I didn’t like was was when the graph showing the scatter plot showed a trend but not clearly enough. To me it just looked like a cluster. Then when I would get it wrong I would loose my streak and have to try to get 3 or 5 in a row again…WHEN I WAS SO CLOSE!

For the rest of class I was able to find the top 26 most popular Starbucks drinks. For the point of my project though, I am only using 5. I was able to find out teach of there calories and carbs for each size provided.


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