PJ 11/30/16

Beginning of class:


Using this link I was able to practice how to form a slope intercept using two points. At first I was having trouble but now I am grasping the information better.


I then used this website to help me out with figuring out the equation that helps estimate the line of best fit.

I understand how to use both my standards but when I plug in a specific number I dont get the correct answer. At least I don’t think I dont. I think it is a bit more difficult with my specific topic but I might just be overwhelming myself even more and that it actually is right. I think I am just plugging in the wrong number.

3 minutes later… I get it now. First it is easier if I develop a question for what I am trying to find. So I asked myself, How many calories would there be if the drink had 60 grams of carbs? and I got my answer (395.23).

At this point I am finished with 3out of the 5 graphs equations for both y=mx+b and y-y1=m(x-x1). All I have to do is #4 and #5 then I feel by early next week I will be able to work on the product itself. With putting all of my information onto the construction paper in a fun and creative way.


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