PJ 12/6/16

The standards I was able to practice were:

  1. understand that the graph of an equation in two variables in the set of all its solutions plotted in the coordinate plane.
  2. Solve a problem using a linear function of best fit.


Slope- intercept equation from graph


Using this exercise I was able to practice writing an y=mx+b styled equation using the graph provided. In the beginning, I did have some minimal trouble remembering what numbers I need to put in the equation. Using the hints provided I was able to learn again what was needed and then successfully complete the task earning 325 energy points for my account.

Slope-intercept equation from slope and point


Watching this video I was able to learn the basics and new information about writing slope-intercept equations using the slope and points of a line.


m(slope)        b(y-intercept)

m=rise/run     b= where the line intercepts the y-axis….(ex. 0,b)

y=m * 0 + b

y=rise / run = y2-y1 / x2-x1


Finding Slope-intercept equation from features or graph


Example 1: Equation from slope and intercept

Suppose we want to find the equation of the line whose slope is (-1) and y-intercept is (0,5).Well, we simply plug  m=-1 & b=5 into the slope-intercept form!


Example 2: Equation from two points

Suppose we want to find the line that passes through the points (0,-4) and (3,-1).First, we notice that (0,-4) is the y-intercept. Second, we use the two points to find the slope:

Slope =1(4) / 30
=3 / 3
Now we can write the equation in slope-intercept:
y= 1x-4
When reviewing all the notes and participating in the practices, I feel I was able to recover all the stored information that has been in the back of my memory. Which is good since this is what I have to do for my final product.


Today I was able to work on the outline of my final product. The only issue I had an encounter with was standard two. I was getting myself confused. It says I need to find m, which is the slope. And when I do, I come to the realization that I already found the slope (m). So do I use the already found value or the newer one?????

Three minutes later…okay so one of the teachers answered my question. Because I am using different points, then you find a new slope.

Now all I have to do is finish figuring out the math, then start working on the product itself.




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