End of class 12/8/16

I feel I used this class time wisely. I was able to practice for 30 minutes then take my star math test. I don’t feel completely confident on how I did on the test but hopefully the next set of standards I receive are based on what I clearly didn’t understand on the test. I have never been really good at math which is why I am apart of PBL. To strengthen my skills in the math category.

I was able to finish my work for project 3 on December 7th, 2016 so now all that is required is for me to paste it on two sheets of construction paper and turn it in. I feel I have a better understanding on what my standards mean.


  1. understand that the graph of  an equation in 2-variables in the set of all it’s solutions plotted in the coordinate plane.
  2. Solve a problem using a linear function of best fit.

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