PJ 12/8/16

Interpreting slope and y-intercept of lines of best fit


Using this source, I was able to learn how to interpret the meaning of a graph using information given  and how it correlates with the line of best fit. Doing this exercise, I found minimal difficulty and was able to earn 125 energy points as a reward for completing the task efficiently and correctly.

Equations of trend lines: Phone data


This exercise helped me understand that even if I get the correct answer, there is always more to it. In this case, I had to find the battery percentage after 20 hours and the answer was -6. But in real life terms, that wouldn’t be factual because that would mean the phone would be “dead.”

Graph from slope-intercept form


I was able to learn how to graph a line using a given equation. I learned that the y-intercept is the b value in an equation of y=mx+b. And that the given m value is rise over run, allowing me to draw the line on the graph. I did have some trouble in the beginning but once I finished, I was able to earn myself 400 energy points.


After completing, I remember learning this in my 8th grade and freshman year.


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