PJ 12/12/16

To start off the hour, my reading/vocabulary group practiced our unit 1:chapter 5 terms. I feel I did pretty good with the reading and figuring out the necessary words that were used to fill in the blank.

Afterwards, I went on Khan Academy and began to use the remaining 15 minutes to practice my standards:

The standards I was able to practice were:

  1. understand that the graph of an equation in two variables in the set of all its solutions plotted in the coordinate plane.
  2. Solve a problem using a linear function of best fit.

The first task I began working on was Graphing slope-intercept form. On this I was able to learn how to graph using a given equation. I was able to revisit my understanding that, in an equation (y=mx+b), the b value is the number on the y-axis that the line intercepts and the m value is rise/run.


The second task I embarked upon was Intercepts from a graph, where I was determining the x & y intercepts based off of a given graph. I found this pretty easy and in the end, I was able to earn 475 energy points for my Khan academy account.


For the rest of class:

Today I was able to finish my reading STAR test. I feel pretty good about how I did. I hope I did good. Reading has always been my stronger subject compared to math.

For my final product, all I have to do it paste the work onto the two or three pieces of construction paper. Should be able to do it tonight or tomorrow. Then I can turn it in on Wednesday or something.


I feel that today I used my time wisely and learned the necessary materials for this final product of the 2016 school year. I feel like I am becoming a better reader and having a better comprehension on the readings I take part in during my group times and when working on my standards. I also feel more confident knowing the resources I can use when I need help with math. So far this month, I have mainly practiced my two standards thoroughly and I believe that I am understanding it better now than when I first started. Which is good because then that means I have made progress.

Let’s see what 2017 brings!


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