PJ 12/14/16

So starting off with the usual 30 minute practice period, I started off with practicing finding the slope of a graph by looking at the graph given. After completing the exercise, I was able to earn 475 energy points [I am starting to think that that is the highest amount of points that they give :’)]


After the previous episode, I tried something different. Which is two-way relative frequency tables. I found this to be a bit difficult but once I got the hang of it, I was able to earn 400 energy points.


Next, I began to practice Complete solutions to 2-variable equations. The goal was to complete the missing value in the solution to the equation. This was much easier in my opinion. I only had to use one example so I could understand how to set up the equation, but after I finished I earned 325 energy points.


Then, I practiced finding the slope from two points. Using a hint, I was able to learn how to set up the equation. Which is m= change in Y/change in X. As I went on, it just got easier. I eventually was able to just do the math mentally. In the end I was able to earn 400 energy points.


For the rest of class:

I was able to get the construction paper needed for the final product and start designing it. I am proud that I used my time wisely and creatively. By next class I hope to finish or turn it in right away (if I choose to work on it at home-which I will most likely do) 🙂



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