PJ 12/16/16

To start off the 30 minute practice, I began to practice, comparing linear functions. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and within 5 minutes of completing the exercise, I was able to earn 475 energy points. The goal of the exercise was to figure out which one (the equation or line on the graph) had a faster rate or had a larger y-intercept based on the question given.


Next, I did the simple question under the category, Evaluating functions. It was only one question after further evaluation but when I got the question right, I was able to earn 175 energy points. The object of the “game” was to fill in the missing variable. The equation was k(t)=13(t)-2 and what I had to solve for was k(3)=?. So what I did was input the given number for t into the equation and my answer was 37.


Wow, so in the third exercise I participated in (Linear equations word problems: graphs), I was able to earn 550 energy points after completing the activity. The goal was to answer questions based of a given graph.


Afterwards, I then again did a exercise for evaluating functions. Earning myself 120 energy points, I was able to successfully complete the exercise.  The object of the “game” was to fill in the missing variable, also. Just like before but with more questions.


8:09 a.m.

I think I successfully demonstrated my understanding of my standards and of each of these activities.



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