2017! Pj 1/4/17

First day of second semester was pretty simple. We were assigned to take the Star Math Test and I feel I actually did well. I was also able to review my progress monitoring reports for both reading and math. Sadly, they were not at my level of expectation, but that just lets me know I have to work harder towards getting my trend line to escalate higher instead of downwards. Not to much to report (since it is the first day back) but I am prepared to further my understanding in PBL and increase my scores. Which would benefit me in the future.I was shocked to see how my reading scores were decreasing.I just got my result for my PSAT and it seems I am excelling in both reading and writing with a score of 500 when the goal was 430. Math (of course) I will need to work at. This semester I hope to find a create way to get me more interested into the math subject. Which wouldn’t only benefit me in PBL but also my geometry class. When it comes to reading, I think my problem is comprehension. I have always struggled with that particular area. I plan on reading outside the classroom to help me with this recurring issue. At the moment I am reading a 760 page book (currently on page 475) after a time period of about 2 to 4 weeks of taking on the task of reading this rather intriguing book.


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