1/10/17 Starting up the first second semester project

In the beginning of class we received our scores for the STAR Math and Reading tests. To my surprise, I received a better score in math than in the reading portion. With a total score of 881 when the target was 890 – then in reading, I received a score of 1173 when the target goal was 1222. Not to bad, but not high enough as a final result.

In math, one main skill I must practice involves 3-D solids. In this group, I must learn and prove that I understand how to find the volume and surface area of a compound S-D solids with all information given (if I want to receive a proficient score), otherwise I must prove that I understand how to manipulate formulas of compound 3-D solids to find unknown values (if I want to receive an advanced score).

To start off, I went on khan academy and various other websites and began taking notes as a step 1 process.



I will be continuing notes tonight and next class as well. While also studying for my vocab quiz.


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