Practicing 1/31/17 with concluding summarization

To begin the class, I went with my vocab group to learn 10 new words for our session. That took about 10-15 minutes. I did really well with reading and figuring out what words needed to be placed in the right sentences.

15 min. of practice

It’s always good to review before you jump into something you haven’t practiced in a while.

Volume with unit cubes 1

The main point of this exercise was to find the volume of 3-dimensional figures by counting unit cubes. The first question I received I got correct, so I am off to a good start so far. This time I flew through this exercise with getting every question correct.  Earning myself 125 energy points!

Volume 1

The task I had to complete when doing this exercise was finding the volume of a rectangular prism with labeled side lengths and also finding the missing side lengths on a rectangular prism when given the volume. First question correct! Good sign! When finishing the rest of the problems given, I remembered that to find the volume of a rectangular prism you have to conduct length x width x height using the measurements given. Doing so, I earned myself another 125 energy points for my account and recapped on the lesson.

Nets of polyhedra

The point of this exercise was to practice matching nets to the 3D shapes it corresponds with. This will help me understand the format of the simple shapes sense I am taking part in some origami to finish my project where I have to find the surface area and volume of several different shapes. I understood how to format the shapes and how those set ups are shown in the real world. Like with a triangular prism, is like a pyramid. Successfully finishing all five problems, I earned 115 energy points for my account.

Volume of a cone

This was a video that taught me some more about how the formula for the volume of a cone is V=1/3hπr².

30 min. of work

In the beginning of our work time I was pretty bored with trying to come up with a shape I haven’t already created. So I just continued practicing to strengthen my volume and surface area skills.

Volume word problems: fractions & decimals

The goal of this exercise was to practice solving volume word problems involving objects like fish tanks, truck beds, and refrigerators. When I started I was doing good, then the questions got harder and I had more difficulty. I finally got a hang of the problems when I really began to focus on what the problem was asking. It took me a few minutes but then in the end of it all I earned 475 energy points and learned something new.


In conclusion, I feel today was more of a learning opportunity than learning. I seem to be understanding the material so far and am just improving as the weeks go on. I was able to work on four exercises and one video just to further my comprehension of my overall goal that is understanding how to find the volume and surface area of 3D shapes. I am hoping that some ideas will come to me by next class about what I can do that will benefit my project even more than what I have done so far.


1. create word problems that challenge me to find the surface area and volume




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