Process Journal 2/7/17

To begin class, I went with my vocabulary group learning another ten new vocabulary words. This becoming Unit 2: Chapter 9. Upon finishing, I returned in time to practice for 15 minutes but at the rate of progress I am showing, all I have to do now is “study” and practice. Which I am going to do using the quizlet I found that helps me learn every formula for the main shapes surface area and volume. I like this source more than Khan Academy because it provides flashcards, listening tools, writing tools, practice tests, and two games (which are Match and Gravity). While Khan isn’t as exciting.


Match Scores:

Round 1: 31.2 seconds               Round 2: 29 seconds                   Round 3: 28.1 seconds

Round 4: 21.8 seconds              Round 5: 19.2 seconds                Round 6: 20.8 seconds

While playing this came, you can see how my time decreased indicating how I was able to pinpoint the exact formula that went with it’s correct wording. I still need to practice in order to peruse the next to activities which include the practice test and the game Gravity. So I continued to play Match.

Round 7: 17.5 seconds                Round 8: 19.6 seconds              Round 9: 17.3 seconds

Round 10: 18 seconds                  Round 11: 23.1 seconds             Round 12: 23.4 seconds

Afterwards, I began to practice even more using the learn portion of the quizlet. This way I have time to really focus on the equation and figure out if it is for volume or surface area and what shape it is for. Now on this quizlet there are 10 equations. So far I have mastered five. The equations I am learning are for the volume of a cube, cylinder, cone, sphere, prism, and I am also learning the surface area equations for a right cylinder, right cone, sphere, right prism, and regular pyramid.

Next class, I plan on continuing strengthening my skills on the surface area and volume equations by using my quizlet source.





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