Process Journal 2/9/17: Mainly Practice

30 min. of practice:

(To begin the practice session, I decided to continue to go on the quizlet and begin to review the flashcards provided then test my skills on the Match game. The Match game is pretty easy but the stress of getting a good time is what it is about.)

Match scores:

Round 1: 30.1 seconds              Round 2: 27.3 seconds              Round 3: 24.2 seconds

Round 4: 22.1 seconds             Round 5: 14.9 seconds               Round 6: 19.5 seconds

(I then began to play the game Gravity where you have to type out what the equation stands for.)

Gravity scores:

Round 1: 1,250 points,level 2     Round 2: 1,800 points,level 2    Round 3: 3,290 points, level 3–cylinders–and-spheres

Using this link I was able to practice applying the volume formulas for cones, cylinders, and spheres. When I was doing this practice, I found it only minimally difficult to think of certain equations. Luckily, I had the quizlet flashcard section pulled up on a separate tab so I was able to look back. But after a few minutes, I was flying through them. Earning myself 140 energy points.

For the rest of the class, I began working on my own word problems that help explain how to find the volume and surface area or certain shapes. It was a pretty successful work time. I personally believe I am getting better and remembering and working through the formulas when presented with equations and problems.



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