Process Journal 2/13/17

To begin class I went with my vocabulary group to learn another set of new words. By the time I finished, I had 15 minutes left to practice.

15 min. of practice

I continued using the quizlet I previously found:

Starting off by playing the game Match.

Match Scores:

Round 1: 14 seconds                  Round 2: 15 seconds                    Round 3: 14.7 seconds


Then I tried the more challenging activity which was the game Gravity.

Gravity Scores: 

Round 1: 2130 points, level 3

After finishing the activities and then reflecting back to my previous journal entries and the scores I received, I can say that I am beginning to better grasp the equations and what they stand for. My scores are getting better when it comes to time efficiency and written word.

30 min. of work

During the 3o minutes of work time, I continued on writing my own word problems that can be used to help pinpoint the proper equations used for specific shapes a person is trying to solve for and explaining why other equations don’t work for shapes other than the shape the equation was designed for.


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