2/15/17 Process Journal

30 min. of practice

For the first 30 minutes of practice I practiced my identify 3D shapes and equation skills using the Quizlet I found. I played a few rounds of Match and then I did a few practice tests that the website offered. I was doing really well on the tests. I did get 50% twice but the other five times I did the tests, I got 70% and higher. I even got one 100% score.

30 min. of work

For the rest of the work time, I continued to write word problems of real world situations. The problems include various shapes that I/ anybody else could find the surface area and volume for. So far I have wrote and solved for three equations. The shapes I have solved for so far include a cube, a cone, and a cylinder. I only have two solve for a sphere and prism now and then my project 1 is done.



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