PJ 3/10/17

First 10-15 minutes of practice: During the first 10-15 minutes of practice, I was reviewing how to pick out important information from given texts. The main focus I was given was on Act 2 Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet. During the videos I was watching, I began taking notes so I would understand how the story follows the diagram of characterization and the plot line using supporting evidence.

During the work time I began working on my pikto-chart that will help me prove my understanding of my topic. So far I have been able to take out key information that helps support the reasoning to my question.

Overall, I believe this project is very successful (as of now). Because I am creating a pikto-chart, I am able to review my information thoroughly that will allow me to give in answer for my question but also make others debate whether or not uniforms should be enforced on students or not.


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