PJ 3/14/17

For the first 15 minutes of class, I played Kahoot with my vocabulary group to see if I understand the vocab we have been learning. We have been mainly learning different roots and stuff, but I didn’t do so hot. So I will have to study for next weeks test. Then, for the next 15 minutes of class, I was learning about the different parts to a story. Such as, the plot, conflict, resolution, climax, rising action, and falling action. After looking at the reading practices given, I chose to work on “CETI,” which allowed me to learn about inductive and deductive reasoning.

During application time, I worded on the piktochart I am creating as my project two. Pulling out key information and organizing it so people are interested in what they are reading and what they are reading exactly.

Today I was also able to complete the star reading test. I feel like I did pretty good. Then I was able to continue working on my piktochart. Overall it was pretty successful. I will continue working on it after and during school though so it is finished on time.


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