PJ 3/16/17

30 min. of skills practice: What I learned

  • expository text: nonficiton designed to inform the reader.
  • Vocabulary word choice and personal style: mood, tone, description (imagery)
  • Metaphors, similies, etc.
  • Some can be short, sweet and to the point: “In the fall the war was always there, but we did not go to it anymore. It was cold in the fall in Milan and the dark came very early. Then the electric lights came on, and it was pleasant along the streets looking in the windows. There was much game hanging outside the shops, and the snow powered in the fur of the foxes and the wind blew their tails.”-from Ernest Hemingway’s “In another Country”
  • Writing Style considerations: word choice, sentence structure, syntax, figurative and descriptive language.
  • What we can learn about writing style ¬†from the masters:

Shakespeare= meter, figurative language, wordplay

Woolf=narration, punctuation

Hemingway=brevity and simplicity, deliberate word choice and syntax, personal life experiences


30 min. of work

For the work period of the time, I took the star Math test (which I feel pretty positive about) and I reviewed the progress I have made so far regarding my project. I am almost done. Basically all I have to do is add the little information I have remaining about the poverty it will cause families (especially in Milwaukee).


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