PJ 3/21/17

First 10 minutes of class: I took my vocabulary test. I feel that I did pretty well-better than last time at least.

Last 15 minutes of practicing: I was able to practice (using odyessy) how to use correct synonyms to add definition to the story you are telling. How a simple choice in words can make a big difference in how you are writing and telling a story. I am a writer and I never thought about how the simplest choice in words can make more or less people attracted tot eh story you are telling. For my project I am creating a piktochart-which is mostly interesting graphic accompanied by the shortest words to get a point across. The two relate to each other because both try to get a certain message across in a creative and attractive way.


  1. Provide a sufficiently complex summary to address key plot points and thematic development.
  2. Analyze the cumulative impact of specific word choices and figurative language figurative language in literary text, including how language creates imagery, establishes mood and tone, evokes a sense of time and place, and advances the author’s theme or purpose.

Work Time: For the period of work time, I was able to find more information regarding the new uniform policy and I was able to add to my piktochart. I am hoping that by the end of next class, I will be finished finding my information and close to finished with my piktochart. Then next week, I would like to be able to proceed with my annotated bib in MLA form.


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