4/25/17 PJ

First 10 minutes:

For the first 10 minutes of skills practice, I did an activity where I learned about analyzing characters and how I can know what the characters are like based off of certain text presented in the given reading.

Next 10 minutes:

For the next 10 minutes of skills practice, I answered questions based on Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet. Learning about their emotions towards one another, what they did, and how it was so risky. I was also assigned to write a “paper” on why I thought authors used first person, second, and third. My main thought on the paper question was that authors just want to write in a style for which their readers can learn from and feel for-as if they are in the book or experiencing what is going on, in real life.

Last 10 minutes: 

In the last 10 minutes of skills practice I learned about a story called “Nina” by Margarita Mondrus Engle. It says that the author of this short story, Margarita M. Engle, was very fond of all kinds of animals. That Engle was the daughter of a Cuban mother and an American father; she grew up in LA, but spent many childhood summers in Cuba with her grandmother. Her experiences in Cuba inspired her writing to grapple with issues of human suffering and with Cuban culture and heritage.

Work Time:

During application work time, I continued reading my book (The Last Time We Say Goodbye) and taking notes on the events that happen to the characters, traits of each character, and quotes I could use in my project. I was able to reach chapter 4 and learned about a time when Ty was happy and how she is starting to let out her feelings while still keeping them in. I was also able to learn about when and how Ty died and why she thought he killed himself.


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