4/27/17 PJ

First 10 minutes of Skills Practice

In the first 10 minutes of skills practice I learned about a story called “Nina” by Margarita Mondrus Engle. It says that the author of this short story, Margarita M. Engle, was very fond of all kinds of animals. That Engle was the daughter of a Cuban mother and an American father; she grew up in LA, but spent many childhood summers in Cuba with her grandmother. Her experiences in Cuba inspired her writing to grapple with issues of human suffering and with Cuban culture and heritage.

“Nina” is set in Cuba, during the time of the Cuban Revolution. The year the story takes place, 1959, is the same year Fidel Castro rose to power. The story’s protagonist, Margarita, is from the US and is visiting her mother’s family in Cuba.

Next 10 minutes of Skills Practice

For the next 10 minutes of skills practice, I continued learning about the story of “Nina” and how I can analyze the text in order to discover who the characters really are and how they change over the course of the story.

Application time

During application time I continued reading my book and taking down notes that would allow me to understand how the characters are feeling and who they are through the perspective of Lex (the deceased sister). So far I have read through the about 57 pages of the book and  have documented what have happened on each page. These notes will allow me to create the Facebook profiles of the characters I am able to.


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