PJ 5/1/17

For the first 15 minutes of class, I went with my reading group to learn new vocabulary words. After those 15 minutes, I then started the reading star test which I feel went pretty well.

For the rest of the class period, I continued to read my book, “The Last Time We Say Goodbye,” by Cynthia Hand. I continued to write down important parts and quotes that can help me classify the characters using a Facebook Profile format. So far in my book, the main character “Lex” has been talking about the events leading up to her brother’s death and events going on afterwards. Not only with effecting “Ty” but her mom, friends, her dad, and herself. Most people who read books about suicide assume that it is going to make them depressed. But this book invites mystery for what her brother “Ty” texted her before he shot himself. She explains somewhat in the beginning how she could of prevented it. How? What did Ty text her?



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