PJ 5/5/17

First 10 minutes

For the first 10 minutes of skills practice I continued to learn about the story of “Nina” and how an author’s background can make an imprint on the story itself.

Next 10 minutes

For the next 10 minutes of skills practice I learned how the text is written can make a difference in how you view the characters. For the character Nina (the little girl in the story of “Nina”) the author describes her as “…hardly there, just bones and eyes, and a few pale wisps of hair bleached by malnutrition,” and “…the say she has a hole in her stomach.”

The narrator in the story is somewhat of a young, naive, self-centered tomboy who finds herself in a foreign environment and then comes Nina-a poor, sick, starving little girl, with a big heart and the polar opposite of the narrator. Because they have differences, it allows the mood of the story to be optimistic and the tone to be loving.

The authors tone of the story is described when it reads, “On one of my solitary expeditions I wandered far beyond those walls, beyond the open fields, and into a mud-floored hut with a thatched roof and many inhabitants. The family greeted me as if I had some right to invade their home. The children came outside to introduce me to their mule, their chickens and the sensitive Mimosa plant which closed its leaves at the touch of a child’s fingers.” Showing how this Cuban family invited her in, showed her around, and the introduced her to their mule and chickens. The author is proud of the spirit and compassion of the Cubans despite their situation. 

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”- Sir Isaac Newton

During application time I hope to continue reading my book and then continuing to work on my Facebook profiles.

Math Star Testing

I was able to finish the star test within 30 minutes. I feel that I did okay. Math is not my strong suit.

Application time

During application time I continued to read my book, “The Last Time We Say Goodbye.”


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